Yard sale countdown

I broke the news to the husband last night.

“I need your help Friday morning.”

“To do what?”

“Set up for our yard sale.”

“Our what?”

He’s made his position on yard sales very clear throughout our more than three decades of marriage.  He has stated on numerous occasions that he wasn’t going to be part of any yard sale, but I figured he could help me move the stuff from the house to the yard. He reluctantly has agreed because he really wants the stuff out of the house.

As I wrote in a post in May, I seriously lack *finesse in the yard/garage sale business. I also asked if any readers had tips, but the responses I received revealed that my readers are not overly savvy in this department either. So I’m going to use the article from Organized Home I noted in the previous post as a road map.

I’ve printed out the site’s handy Yard Sale Check List. First stop is an office supply store to purchase pre-printed yard sale price stickers; a great tip from the article. They’re printed in amounts from 10 cents to $10 and should be a real a time-saver. Who knew?

I’m ready to get this sale organized – wish me luck!

My yard sale *finesse level:  Novice     Advanced beginner     Competent        Proficient        Expert

What’s your yard sale finesse level?

*finesse (skill, flair, grace elegance, poise, assurance)

6 thoughts on “Yard sale countdown

  1. Good Morning Linda,
    As i sit reading your post, thoughts of days in my past when I too did yard sales came flooding to my mind. A few things that I found most helpful… Signage the bigger and bolder the better. Post on free sights like Craigslist ( with pictures even better), spread the word to friends. Be ready to negotiate your prices. After all you do not want to really move it all back into the house, or to pack it up for donating. Best tip…if you have anyone willing to assist and stay through out the day(s) it will help your sanity. Wishing you great success on your yard sale. Oh and you can get those stickers on an end cap at Fred Meyer too in the office supply section.

    • Thanks, Cindy! I found a way to make my own price tags using old labels for a dot matrix printer (now that’s old!) I’m able to modify them to go through our current printer, and best of all, they’re free!! I appreciate all your tips!

  2. Good luck, Linda! I have never been fond of nor have I had great success with my own yard sales.. Hope yours is a great success!

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