Downtown Disney

While the husband was tending to the business of his business trip in Orlando, I brought along several projects to keep me busy at the hotel. I also intended to hop over to Downtown Disney to do some shopping, but our hotel shuttle wasn’t what I’d expected.

We had an early dinner one evening, so I suggested we have dessert at the Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop at Downtown Disney and grab some souvenirs for the granddaughters. The husband wasn’t excited about shopping and he’s not a big fan of dessert, but he was on board with the excursion.

We were pretty busy on our last trip to Disneyland in 2005, so we didn’t spend any time at Downtown Disney in California. I’m glad we didn’t do that in Florida! The fun thing about Downtown Disney is that you can enjoy the Disney atmosphere without the cost – parking is free and there’s no admission fee.

We headed for the World of Disney store and had a difficult time choosing something for the girls. There’s so much and everything is so cute! We settled on two Minnie Mouse plush toys. I always try to get a Christmas ornament when we travel and they had a lot of choices in that category, as well!

We finished our shopping and were ready for dessert. Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop is severely over-priced, but it was something we wanted to do. My waffle cone was stale, so I’d skip that next time, but the chocolate was heavenly!

Before heading back to the hotel, we walked through most of Downtown Disney listening to the different music and looking at the different shops and restaurants.  A very relaxing way to end the day.