Put your best face forward – the rest of the story

Two weeks ago I posted about my session with Leslie Daoust, owner and operator of Cosmetic Laser Advantage. I received more comments and interest in that post than any other thus far. For those of you who are new to Femme-de-Finesse, I’ll provide a little background.

I had gone to Cosmetic Laser Advantage to interview Leslie, but once I discovered how reasonable her services were, the meeting changed from an interview to a treatment session! As I mentioned previously, I’m honestly not that unhappy with my appearance. Most people act truly surprised to learn I’m in my fifties. I do have smile wrinkles, but hey, they were caused by laughter, and I’m not interested in erasing “joy” from my face. However, I have had more people ask me if I’m upset or mad in the last few years. My skin is slightly sagging around my mouth giving the appearance of a frown. As promised, here’s what I had done followed by the interview.

First, Leslie treated me with ultrasonic dermabrasion, which removes dead skin and cleans pores. Using several settings with the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) cold Laser, she worked on hair removal, brown spots, but mostly stimulating the elastin fibers and the collagen to be active and stop and reverse the aging process. These two treatments resulted in the droopy skin around my mouth being lifted and my skin feeling fantastic!.

According to Leslie, my skin felt good because it is stronger, less fragile and healthier. “There are a lot of changes continuing to happen, from pores shrinking to brown spots fading and collagen being created. The quality and overall health of your skin has been improved without harming it with chemicals or sanding it off, which would leave your skin open to bacteria. Instead the IPL Laser kills bacteria, fungus and the pathogens that cause them and other problems.”

Q: What’s the most important thing women can do to keep their skin healthy?

A: Well, I did it on you! I took off brown spots that if left might become cancerous and I improved the quality and strength of your skin. With healthy skin comes a great look that isn’t stiff or odd looking. It will always be your best asset. A face with expression and vibrant healthy skin gives a person confidence.

Q: What’s the biggest mistake women make in caring for their skin?

A: Injuring it by taking off live skin, leaving it raw and red, burnt or peeling. Your live skin is there to protect you from bacteria.

Q: What are your top three suggestions for skincare?

A: 1) Prevention is best. Clean, moisturize and use sun screen.
2) Exfoliate with baking soda or dissolve a couple of Bayer Aspirin. They clean without scratching.
3) The IPL cold Laser offers “GRACE” for problem and aging skin.

Living with *finesse is not about looking younger, but looking and feeling healthy.

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What’s your skin care finesse level?

*finesse (skill, flair, grace elegance, poise, assurance)