Making a thrift store convert

I took my sister on a little adventure last week. She’s a teacher, so I rarely see her between Aug. and June, but spring break gave us the opportunity to do a little shopping together thrift-store-style.

I don’t do a lot of thrift store shopping, but during an unplanned excursion a couple of months ago, I discovered just how much fun it can be. I had to take my MDX (love that car!) into the Acura dealership for service, and not wanting to use much fuel in the loaner car, I drove to the Goodwill store less than a mile away. I had time to really go through the merchandise, and this particular Goodwill was much more organized than those I occasionally visit closer to home. I scored some really nice stuff!

Then it was off to the recently opened Salvation Army store a block away. They were having their 50 percent off everything sale, so I hit the rack marked “Designer Labels.” I’m not a fashion snob by any means, but I figure those that are, probably take better care of their clothes (generally speaking). Many of the items looked as though they’d never been worn!

I picked up several tops with names like Ann Taylor Loft, Coldwater Creek and Liz Claiborne and didn’t pay more than $5 for any of them. One still had tags! I also picked up a nice “little black dress,” fully lined for $7.50!

My sister was skeptical, but couldn’t argue with my closet full of evidence, so agreed to shop the Salvation Army’s next 50 percent off everything sale.

We hit the designer label rack. We hit the dressing rooms. We scored! I’m not sure she’s as hooked as I am, but I am certain she’s now a believer!

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What’s your thrifty finesse level?
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