Flower power

I was recently made aware of a special on a bouquet of nine roses and decided to purchase them for myself – just because. When I saw them in the store I was so surprised at the quality, I purchased a bouquet for my mother and mother-in-law, as well. We felt happy giving the flowers and our moms felt happy receiving them. Every time I look at my bouquet I feel happy.

Black cites a Rutgers University ten-month study which concluded that there is a link between flowers and moods. “In one experiment, those who were feeling low and depressed felt good almost immediately after receiving a gift of flowers. This research could prove to be the foundation of a whole new paradigm in therapy.”

According to Carolyn Black, a Penn State Master Gardener, “Flowers have a therapeutic effect on us. They just make us feel good. Flowers have the power to lift our spirits.”

The research is hardly surprising, and as Black states, “Science hasn’t discovered anything new.”

“We have always known this about flowers from our own personal experiences. Science has only strengthened our knowledge with solid proof.”

Why not grab a bouquet of happiness today for someone you love – or even yourself!