Oh, deer!

We’ve been vacationing in Central Oregon for more than 20 years and have enjoyed watching the local herd of black-tailed deer. Unfortunately, a few years ago we noticed just how rare a deer sighting had become.

About the same time, we also noticed signs informing visitors against feeding the deer. Apparently several deer had died due to eating popcorn, bread or whatever visitors used to urge the deer to come closer for photos, and even petting! I observed one family exhibiting this behavior and mentioned that this could be dangerous, but they strenuously claimed the deer were tame.

Please understand that wildlife is NOT tame! They may walk through resorts, parks or zoos (such as peafowl once did at Oregon Zoo), but that does not mean they are tame.

As you can see by the attached photos, the herd is once again flourishing and sightings are fairly easy. I sincerely hope visitors continue to resist the urge to feed the deer, allow them their space and quietly enjoy them from a distance.

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