Oh, Brother!

Richard holding his newest great-niece (my granddaughter) Kaley Rachael at his 60th birthday party.

I shared a little about my sister in a previous blog, Sisters with Finesse, however I haven’t shared anything about our brother, Richard. The family got together this past weekend to celebrate his sixtieth birthday (well, his birthday isn’t until the latter part of Sept., but celebrating early was the easiest way his wife could plan a surprise party).

It was fun to listen to friends and family share their stories of knowing Richard over the years. Most of the family stories I either experienced or have heard before, but it was fun to relive those humorous moments of his life. It was also fun to hear from his friends from various parts of his life tell of practical jokes he played or those that were played on him, and stories revealing the softer side of my brother.

Richard is eight years older than me and four years older than my sister, Nancy, so it was a little difficult to grow up as buddies. Too many years and levels of interest separated us, but as we’ve grown and become adults, the barrier of age difference has melted. Most of the things I don’t have in common with my sister, I have in common with my brother. For example, our taste in music is more similar than that of our sister.

Richard and Nancy in their younger days.

Regardless, we all share a bond of being raised by the same parents, with the same family extended family and shared life experiences. We’ve been there through births and deaths, highs and lows, hilarious and tearful moments and we’ll continue to build memories together.

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