Just hangin’

The husband has had back problems since his mid-twenties. He’s been pretty good about strengthening the muscles in his lower back to provide some protection, but sometimes it can still cause him pain. I can tell when he’s experiencing discomfort because he walks a little hunched over.

He doesn’t go the doctor or chiropractor when it’s bothering him, as it usually works itself out. However, a few weeks ago his back started acting up for no apparent reason. The pain and hunched over walking continued for two weeks with only minimal improvement, then we stumbled upon a miracle. Okay, maybe not a miracle, but certainly a way to relieve his aching back.

We were running errands and around lunch time decided to split a burrito at Qdoba Mexican Grill. There weren’t any parking spots in front of the restaurant, so we parked in front of a store called, Relax the Back. I said, “We’re going in there after lunch!”

The sales lady took one look at the husband and suggested he try the Contour L-3 Inversion Table. After just a few moments hanging upside down, his back pain was gone! He knows several people who swear by their inversion tables, so we made the purchase.

His back is pain-free, which is priceless, but since the purchase is covered by his employer’s wellness plan it was truly without cost. The best benefit is to know he feels well.  A totally unrelated, but fun side benefit is how flat my stomach is when I hang upside down!

2 thoughts on “Just hangin’

  1. I LOVE our inversion table too! It really is awesome to become pain-free just by hanging like a bat! ..and without drugs! Also, I read that every sit up you do inverted is like 10 regular sit ups! Feels like it anyway…..

    • Wish we’d had one for him when we were still hauling hay. The jacuzzi helped, but it still took him days to recover. I’m not anti-meds, but I’d rather fix the problem than just treat it. I hope you’re right about the sit ups!! 🙂

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