Inexpensive cod makes great summer dish

I’ve had quite a learning curve when it comes to choosing and preparing seafood for dinner. My parents were from the Mid-West, so we ate a lot of beef. During my entire childhood I can’t recall having any seafood except that which was breaded and formed into the shape of a stick.

In more than three decades of marriage, I’ve had some great success and horrendous failures fixing seafood, but in the last few years I think I’ve finally hit my stride. We eat salmon almost weekly and recently I’ve been buying cod.

I like the low price (about $5 per pound) and ease of preparation. I ask for pieces that are thicker, as the “skinny” end seems a little tough. I just throw it in a baking dish, spoon some fruit salsa over the top, cover with foil and bake at 325 degrees for about 20-25 minutes (it’s done when it flakes easily with a fork). I would think you could fix it in a crock pot or in foil pouches on the grill if you didn’t want to heat up the kitchen. I pair the cod with brown and wild rice and a green salad and call it dinner!

Delicious, nutritious, easy and inexpensive!

My seafood *finesse level: 
Novice     Advanced beginner     Competent        Proficient        Expert              

What’s your seafood finesse level?

*finesse (skill, flair, grace elegance, poise, assurance)

2 thoughts on “Inexpensive cod makes great summer dish

  1. Try topping with some pesto ‘buttered’ on top. Lemon zest and dill are nice, as is garlic and lemon. I’ve made fish almost every way possible and I still am not a fan, I eat it because I ‘should’. Kev loves it, I struggle with it. LOVE halibut, but it’s so rare in the UK, it’s stinking expensive and if you find it in a restaurant, they absolutely ‘murder’ it. Sigh…it’s a struggle I’m still fighting. I know I should eat it, I just don’t like it.

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