I’m baaack!

There are times you have to choose what’s important over the goals you set for yourself. That’s been my challenge since my last post nearly a month ago. I’d set a goal of posting Monday through Friday, so I’m feeling a little disappointed that I’ve fallen short. However, the things I’ve accomplished by not posting were of a higher priority.

The week following my last post was filled with wall-to-wall migraines. Every single day of that week I had to medicate and rest, which was pretty frustrating. The next week I was playing catch-up as my mother’s 80th birthday party was approaching and a LOT needed to be done. I was also surprised by the arrival of my daughter and fourteen-month-old granddaughter (more on that later). Last week was filled with a few more days of daughter/granddaughter time and preparation for our trip to Florida.

Now that I’m away from home and all the things that are screaming for my attention (dishes, laundry, bills, etc.), I finally have time to get back to writing. Hang on, ‘cause I’ve got a LOT to share, and as always, would appreciate your feedback!

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