Holiday plan

I mailed a gift for Kid’s Day (our family’s version of Halloween) to our granddaughter in California yesterday. A few days late, yes, but that’s par for the course in my world. I come by the procrastination trait naturally. My siblings and I used to have to wait to open our gifts because our mother was still wrapping them in her bedroom. Admittedly, that’s not *finesse!

I’ve always had the gifts wrapped well before Christmas Eve, but I am a procrastinator. This drives the husband crazy and to a certain degree, me as well. I need to be more organized.

To that end, I am putting a plan in place to assign each holiday task a deadline. My first task is to have the Christmas correspondence in the mail the weekend following Thanksgiving. That will be a great start, since it usually goes out around Dec. 20 (or later).

I’ll hold myself accountable to these goals by posting weekly updates. Feel free to help me by posting your best tips for getting things done for the holidays!


*finesse (skill, flair, grace elegance, poise, assurance)

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