Wordless Wednesday: My grandchild was here


I’m not a great photographer, but I had to try to capture the hand print left on the glass door of our shower by my nearly two-year-old granddaughter. She and her mother, who live more than a 1000 miles away, were visiting recently and I’ve been restoring our home to normal since they left. I’ve found toys under the furniture and Goldfish crackers and Cheerios scattered all over, but the sweetest sign that we had a visit from our little blessing, is the hand print on the glass. I may never clean that glass door again…

4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: My grandchild was here

  1. I have one grandchild who lives across the country (and one on the way). The other four live nearby. I hate living so far from the other one. You hang on to what ever you can.

    • So true, Cynthia. I had picked up most of the toys, and moved fragile items back to lower locations, but I hadn’t cleaned the bathroom since their visit. Her little hand print caught my eye as I was opening the blinds the other morning. It just made my heart happy!

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