A listing of things for which I’ve developed a fondness 

Calcot Towels
I ordered these towels a year ago for my guest bath and just purchased a set for the master bath. They are so fluffy! I love that they are made with 100 percent grown in the USA cotton. The growers co-op has been trying to get the towels manufactured in the USA, as well, but so far no luck.


Campbell’s Chunky Kickin’ Buffalo-Style Chicken Soup

soupI like soup, but it can get a little, well, ordinary (boring). Thank goodness Campbell’s added some fun, tasty new varieties. I’m particularly fond of the new Kickin’ Buffalo-Style Chicken. Two other new flavors have hit store shelves, as well. The Jammin’ Jerk Chicken with Rice and Beans is pretty good, but I passed on the Chipotle Chicken and Corn Chowder. I like chipotle chicken, but corn, meh…



TEN_rootbeerHave you tried the new soft drinks with just 10 calories? Safeway was giving away free cans of the 7up, Sunkist Orange, A&W Root Beer and Canada Dry Ginger Ale, so since free is a good deal, I grabbed one of each.

I was impressed with the nice lightly sweet taste. I  wondered how they pulled it off – 10 calories and it tasted great! The ingredients revealed the answer; high fructose corn syrup and aspartame.

High fructose corn syrup is a no-no for many, but even though it’s the second ingredient listed, there wasn’t that overwhelming, sickeningly sweet taste. I usually avoid aspartame at all cost, but since I didn’t experience that icky aftertaste, I’m thinking the amount of aspartame must be low. Perhaps they’ve found the perfect combination.

Since we don’t indulge in soft drinks very often (maybe once a month at most), I think the TEN line is a good option. Root beer floats, anyone?

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