Eliminates wrinkles and cures migraines!

As someone who suffers (and suffering is exactly what it is) with migraine headaches, my ears perked up when I heard a story on the evening news regarding a new treatment using plastic surgery. My neurologist generally keeps me posted on advances in treatment; however, I wasn’t aware of the use of plastic surgery, so I sat down and listened.

The subject interviewed, Mariclaire Buckley, very accurately described the life of a migraine sufferer; not being able to care for her children, not being able to make plans. I was nodding my head as she said, “I’ve done physical therapy and the chiropractor. I’ve taken every new drug when it comes out.” Nothing worked. (full article)

The difference between Buckley and me is that I did have success with a drug. When Imitrex came out in the early 90s, I tried it right away and it was nothing short of a miracle. To say it changed my life is no exaggeration. I was able to schedule birthday parties for my kids without having a “migraine backup plan.” I went back to college. I got a job. I enjoyed being “normal” for the first time since I began having migraines at age 12.

Since I found a treatment that works, why the interest in the plastic surgery treatment? While I love the idea of erasing wrinkles, my interest goes beyond vanity.  Unfortunately after 20 years, Imitrex has stopped being an effective treatment for me and I’m back on the hunt for “normal.”  I’ve had Botox injections, which were not successful and since the plastic surgery is an extension of that treatment, it’s doubtful that a brow and forehead lift would cure the migraines.

However, it’s always encouraging to hear of a greater understanding of migraines and new treatments, even if they won’t work for me. I’m generally an optimist, and believe there’s another miracle in the wings that will return my life to “normal” just as Imitrex once did. In the meantime, I’ll keep striving to live my life with as much finesse* as I can muster!

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What’s your wellness finesse level?

*finesse (skill, flair, grace elegance, poise, assurance)

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