Becoming a woman of finesse

I find myself at one of those points in life that has me taking stock of things. You know what I mean? Those times when you wonder, “Am I using my time wisely? Am I as healthy as I should be? What is that bag of stuff in my freezer?!” These times usually occur when I feel a little out of control (as if I were ever in control in the first place) and cause me to desire order. However, control and order can be somewhat rigid and limiting, neither of which are appealing.

What is appealing to me lately is the meaning of the word finesse. I looked it up in a thesaurus and found the words skill, flair, grace elegance, poise and assurance.  “I don’t care for any control and order, thank you, but I will take a huge helping of finesse, please!”  Becoming a woman of finesse is the plan, and yes, it’s a pretty lofty goal knowing my strengths and weaknesses (being honest), but, I’m young (relatively speaking).  I figure time is on my side, as they say.

Okay, now that I’ve declared my intent to become a Femme-de-Finesse, how do I pursue my aspiration? As anyone who’s made a New Year’s resolution knows, deciding to take action is easy – follow through is a little trickier. I’m easily distracted and quite adept at procrastination (I thrive on deadlines!), so surfing through the enormous amount of information on the web is probably going to be more of a hindrance than a help. So my plan hinges on YOU and some of my very talented friends. I want/need your input and feedback! I’ll share some of the skill, flair, grace elegance, poise and assurance I’ve acquired thus far on my short journey, and ask that you add your experience. Let’s have a conversation starting NOW!

What is one thing you can do this week to add a little more finesse to your life?

2 thoughts on “Becoming a woman of finesse

  1. Hey Linda! I love your blog. It will be neat reading your thoughts, prayers, opinions, desires and aspirations as you journey to become a femme-de-finesse! I love and miss you and value so much your input on just about everything..

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