Balancing priorities

I’ve been MIA for the last few weeks, but that’s understandable when you consider that I’ve only been home nine of the last 26 days. I had great internet access while vacationing in Central Oregon, so I was able to keep blogging throughout that week. We were only home for five days before heading out to Springerville, Arizona, but I was still able to post a few times while trying to catch up with mail, housecleaning, laundry, bills and repacking.

While in Springerville, the internet access was intermittent at best. However, I doubt I would have done much posting due to the reason for being there. My son and daughter-in-love had a baby girl, and we were there to meet her. What a sweetheart!  We were also helping them move back to Oregon.

The husband had to return to work after a few days and took our daughter-in-love and granddaughter with him to Phoenix to fly home. I remained in Springerville to help our son finish packing, cleaning and loading the moving truck. Our son and his buddy drove the truck towing his wife’s car, while I followed in his car with their two dogs.

We drove about 1350 miles in two days, stopping for fuel and to let the dogs run around, but little else. We spent the night (about 6 hours) north of Salt Lake City, Utah and arrived home about 9:30 Saturday evening.

While I enjoy writing and missed posting, I realize that there are times when I will have to put the blog on hold.  Vacation, helping the kids and meeting a new granddaughter take priority over what I consider to be my job. The time away has provided lots interesting topics to share and I’m excited to get back to a regular schedule.

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