Who is Femme-de-Finesse?me

I’m a Wife: I’ve been married to my husband since June 16, 1979. It’s been a journey with many ups and downs, but we are both thankful we stayed the course. I can’t imagine my life with anyone else! (Read an interview with my husband)

I’m a Mom: I’m the mother of three. Our first daughter, Rachael Suzanne, blest our lives for ten days before her delicate premature lungs gave out. Our second daughter and our son are both married with children of their own.

I’m a *Maimeó (MAM o): I have at present, two adorable granddaughters. One lives about an hour away by car and the other nearly 20 hours. I babysit the one who lives closest once a week. We take full advantage of Skype to visit with our other granddaughter.

I’m a Daughter: I’m fortunate to still have my mom in my life (my dad passed away in 1985). I have written about my attempts to help her organize and she is featured in an interview regarding motherhood.

I’m a Sister: I’ve written posts about my sister and my brother.

I’m an Aunt, Daughter-in-law, Sister-in-law and Cousin. I love family and for the most part, they love me.

I’m a Media/PR Diva: I had the privilege to work in the marketing department of one of the best tourist attractions in Oregon. For 15 years I was able to learn from, share with and mentor staff. I became friends with many talented journalists, editors, and photographers. Although I had to resign for health reasons, I still consider this as part of who I am.

I am a migraine sufferer: I don’t reveal this to gain sympathy; they are just part of my life. I’ve had them for 40 years. For nearly 20 years they were well-controlled through the use of Imitrex. However, when menopause hit, Imitrex quit working predictably. Unfortunately, the headaches affected my ability to do my job and I had to resign. Fortunately, I’m able to write when I have good days AND I get to spend time with my granddaughter.

Last, but not least, I am a woman of Faith: This is who I am at the core. You won’t hear me scream my faith, but it is my intention that you see me live my faith. I believe in God and have placed my hope and trust in His son Jesus Christ. I am not offended if you choose not to share my beliefs, and trust you will extend the same tolerance.

Who Femme-de-Finesse is not?

I’m not a “Mommy Blogger”: I have nothing against Mommy Bloggers, and in fact, subscribe to a few of their blogs. From time to time, I may share about children, because they are an important part of my life, however, Femme-de-Finesse is not about the day to day triumphs and trials of raising children.

I’m not a Fashionista: I may share about clothing purchases, but I’m not really into fashion or shoes (gasp!). Yes, I am female, but I’m just happy to find classic pieces at good prices (cheap is even better!). I prefer not to be known for how I dress, whether for better or worse.

I’m not a Foodie: I can cook and bake, but I don’t find pleasure in creating grand meals. I’m not even into finding a great restaurant! Where food is concerned I’m more of a tried and true kind of gal. The less adventure the better!

I try to focus on things that interest me at this stage of life, such as being organized, wellness, being frugal and genealogy. I’m not an expert on any of these subjects, but I try to research them and share that information in the hope that you will communicate your thoughts through comments or guest posts.

*This is the name most commonly used for grandma in Ireland. While I have a very mixed heritage, Irish runs through most of my ancestral lines.

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